Studie přímořského resortu v Novxani, Azerbaijan

15.8.2014-Vypracován prvotní koncept resortu.

The new resort is designed on the sea shore in Novxani town in Azerbaijan. It consists of one hotel areal, 12 VIP houses with private entrance area accessing directly the beach and a marina with a restaurant. In the second phase of the project 60 to 66 regular houses could be added on the other side of the main streat. The concept of the design is based on the modern architecture respecting the historical seaside appearance. The slight slope of the ground ensures that the houses have a direct view on the sea. The chosen atrium type of house protects the owners from wind and provide a shade and privacy. The whole areal needs really little amount of solid surfaces such as streets and pavements, so the environment is protected from overheating.


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