Rekonstrukce lázeňského domu Rozkvět v Mariánských Lázních

2.11.2014-Rozsáhlý požár zničil starý opuštěný hotel Rozkvět.

The new hotel Rozkvět is located in the centre of a beautiful spa town Mariánské Lázně in the Czech Republic. The hotel consists of two historical buildings. The main building with its large portico on the façade is dominating the square. The second building connects with the first along a south façade and is facing the central park.

The hotel has on its six floors 50 rooms, a grand restaurant for 90 guests, a balneo part with a pool and a café and boutique accessible from street. All the floors are reachable by the stairs as well as elevators. The entrance for guests is situated in the lowest floor, which is designated as the underground floor and it is equipped with brick barrel vaults. A pool and a balneo part of the hotel as well as the background for employees are on this floor too. After ascending stairs behind the entrance the guests reach a reception on the first floor. Next to the reception desk is located the café, the boutique and offices for management. There are also 8 rooms along a south façade facing the central park. Always 14 rooms per floor are situated on the second, the third and the fourth floor. The grand restaurant with a kitchen and a technical background of the hotel is on the last fifth floor. The restaurant is the nicest part of the whole hotel. It has a partly glazed roof and walls that can be open in the warm weather. The view on the town centre and spa colonnade is spectacular.


30.7.2014-Firma BPO provedla zaměření objektů, včetně stavebně-technického průzkumu.

15.4.2014-Koncepční studie pro oslovení potencionálního providera.

18.3.2014-První ověřovací studie.

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